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Can any social workers give me some advice?


I have applied for an MA in Social Work and got on the course etc passed all the checks.

I am worried thought what the process is when it comes to being qualified and actually applying for jobs as a social worker.

In 2018 I attempted an overdose (didn’t go through with it and was not hospitalised etc) but I did seek help from a GP and got given anti depressants. I was on these for a few years. I’m now off them but wondering if when it is time to apply for jobs if they will check this and not accept me?

Is it worth studying for two years if there’s no chance of me securing a job after due to this?

Any advice or help from current or past social workers would be amazing! Can you be a social worker and get a job with a history of mental health problems?

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SW here - I had a medical linked to my BA degree - so I can't see this being an issue for you re already being accepted onto the MA and I have not had any medical, nor can I really remember being asked about anythig relating to my health.

This would be entirely up to you, but you could share this with any future manager, just to make them aware and for them to support you during any time of stress! But this would be at your discretion!

I think the only concern would be any ongoing mental helth needs, and if this was to have an impact on you doing your job safely.

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