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I turn 16 in a few months and want to move out. My mother is horrible. I have autism but she refuses to get any proper help, only social sevrices who are useless. My friends mum has said I can stay with them but is worried about what her legal responsibilities will be.
would be worth starting off by booking an appointment with you gp in regards to your autism so that you can gain a better understanding of things and what can be done to assist you. what makes your mum horrible? Social service could perhaps get in touch for a youth worker for you that might give you some direction. Your friends' mum needs to do some research on things as it involves a lot and it's a decision worth making once all the information has been provided, though this is something you could speak to social services/ a youth worker about - I wish you the best of luck with things ❤️
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My mum doesn't care if I'm there or not. I have attempted suicide a couple of times but social services haven't done anything. My mum seems to think that my friends mum can't do anything as she's not my legal guardian, reckons she can't even get me a school placement. I don't know if she's lying to me or not or how to find out
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Who? And what's the relevance?
My mum is not fit to be a parent.
My friends mum is great, she's a support worker too, so she understands all about my autism and stuff.
I don't know much about this but I've found this on childline and provided the link below so you can move out but I'm not sure how things like school would work but when I applied for sixth form my parents didn't have to sign anything or attend any meetings sort of thing so I assume you would be responsible for yourself,move%20out%20and%20leave%20home.

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