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islam and christian

is there anything in common between Islam and Christian
same deity, and both are monotheistic
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Original post by 18atiqz
is there anything in common between Islam and Christian

Quite a lot. Many of the stories of the Bible are repeated in the Quran. Both acknowledge the same prophets. The concepts of heaven and hell, sin and repentance, salvation through worship, etc are pretty much the same.
The Quran even says that Christianity was one of god's attempts at religion that went wrong.
There are more similarities than differences.
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Quite a few elements.
Both are abrahamic religions with many shared beliefs, practical traditions and prophets in common.
They both believe a powerful God who created the world and everything in it. The almighty God for Christian’s is just called God, but for Muslim’s he is called Allah. Different names but the same God. They also share the same ritual, called praying. Muslim’s pray five times a day and Christian’s pray when they feel the need to do so, and in Church. Muslim’s wash their body’s, and pray on a mat facing Mecca, and Christian’s on the other hand don’t put that much effort into praying, even though they do dress up for Church. Praying is a very sacred thing in both religions; it’s how they communicate with God/Allah. They also believe if you are not a very decent person, when you die you will be sent to Hell. This is called the same thing in both religions and means the same as well. Muslim’s, believe that if you idolize or are polytheistic you will be sent to Hell, but for Christian’s they believe if you do an unspeakable crime/sin you will be sent there. All three of the things described above are very important to both religions.

Christian’s and Muslim’s believed you should be punished for your bad deeds and rewarded for your good deeds. As said earlier being an unmoral person can land you a spot in Hell, where your punishment for the bad deeds you have committed will be the most painful and brutal punishments imaginable. But if you are a holy person and righted your sins then you will be rewarded for your good deeds and be sent to heaven. So in these religions it pays to be pure and good.

So as you can see Christianity and Islam are very similar to one another. They have the same sacred text, with different names, their three major beliefs are the similar and their views of life and death are the same. So just because you believe in one religion doesn’t mean that other people in different religions don’t have some of the same beliefs. So go talk to someone of a different religions and see how much you have in common with them, it can be pretty interesting.
quite similar but very different at the fundamentals. especially with who Jesus is

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