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23M, KHHV. Girls keep ignoring, reject or friendzone me.

I have a pretty decent social life: 2 friends from middle school who I still hang out with. Actually, I've got a good career: I'm an engineer in a junior position. I have my own apartment.

OK. However, girls which I tried to approach (or from my social circle) tend to ignore me, or even better: friendzone me. I must note that friendzoning has always happened to me (even in high school).

According to Reddit, I'm average looking (5). I must note, again, that I'm neurodivergent... but I don't have any problem with social interactions whatsoever. I never had a girlfriend, unfortunately.

I'm giving up on dating. Average guys don't make the cut anymore, I guess.
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As a matter of fact: I'm from Europe, BTW.
Hi! First of all, never make assumptions about women having impossible standards for men to reach. This is simply not the case. Never assign yourself a number in terms of aesthetic value either, especially not by Reddit's standards. Every single person is attracted to different things in different ways.

You need to stop focusing on being friendzoned and making it a negative thing. The main way to become close with a woman is to befriend her first. You should not be meeting women and making the assumption that they will want to end up in a relationship with you, because women are not meeting people and making that assumption. You should be wanting women to be in your life because you like them as people, not because you are wanting them to fulfil a role. Focus on making connections with everyone, and you will meet somebody who wants to nurture a more intimate relationship with you.
If you're outside the societal norm you're going to find it difficult or impossible to date. There's a reason why huge amounts of neurodivergent people end up never having a relationship.
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It’s only the really attractive set where it lands on a plate, everyone else has to work very hard at it. Resilience and patience are the key

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