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I have a symptom that only I can feel and hear

Has sinus issues (chronic rhinitis with polyps) for the past decade. Managed ok with nasal steroids. Over the past year however it has felt as though right at the back of the nasal passage (near the nasopharynx) there is a pressure/fullness that I have to sort of ‘breathe around’. Even when my air flow feels clear it tells I have to mouth breathe more, as though the roof of my mouth at the back/palate is bigger than it should be. I can also hear a faint whistle/raspiness through my mouth when I breathe that no one else says they can hear. I even recorded it to see if i was imagining it but I can hear it on video yet may family keep denying it.

I have seen ENT twice the first time he saw a polyps but then when I went back after a course of strong nasal drops he said everything looked clear on the endoscope and the ct scan. He said to continue with nasal steroids.

I saw another ENT months afterwards and he said it looked clear and to maybe give my nose a break from the steroid sprays. I tried to give it a break but within 3 days I was sneezing all day and felt uncomfortable.

I went for a run 2 days ago and it felt uncomfortable breathing fast again it was like I had to get air around something when I was breathing. It’s hard to explain

So it seems that I have this symptom/sensation that only I can acknowledge.
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It's ok. Just blow 🤧
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Is it not just the feeling of a blocked nose? It can take a while to adjust to coming off inhalers, but it does get more comfortable eventually (can't remember how long it took me as it was years ago)

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