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How accurate is image reversal search? I sent this guy a picture of my face and I although I deleted it within less than a picture of me sending it to him, I don't trust him at all, so put the image through an image reversal search and found no results, but are these things accurate.
Image reverse search, also known as reverse image search, can be a useful tool for finding similar or identical images on the internet. It allows you to upload an image and search for other instances of that image online. However, the accuracy of image reverse search results can vary depending on several factors.

Database Coverage: Image reverse search relies on the availability and coverage of the search engine's database. While popular search engines like Google Images and TinEye have extensive databases, they may not capture every image on the internet. New or less common images might not produce accurate results if they are not indexed in the search engine's database.

Image Modifications: If the image you provided has been significantly modified, such as by cropping, resizing, or applying filters, it may affect the accuracy of the reverse search results. Modified images may not match the original version exactly, leading to limited or inaccurate search results.

Privacy Settings: Some websites may have privacy settings that prevent their images from being indexed by search engines. If the person you sent the image to had control over the image's visibility or shared it through private channels, it may not be discoverable through image reverse search.

It's important to note that while image reverse search can be a helpful tool, it does not guarantee complete accuracy or comprehensive results. If you have concerns about the privacy and security of your image, it's always advisable to be cautious about sharing sensitive content, even if you delete it later.
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Watching MTV Catfish revealed to me that Image Reverse Searches do count, but usually, the sites that charge a membership fee give better results.
The free ones (TinEye comes to mind) will likely not show anything.

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