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getting better as a student

I feel like I am such a bad performing student. At the start of sixth form, I used to get Cs and Ds for my tests but towards the end I managed to bring them up to As. But they were only end of chapter tests. I also tend to miss a lot of homework because I don't feel bothered to hand them in. This ends up in outstanding homework in my report or late submissions. I just had my chemistry mock today and it was horrible, mainly because our teacher doesn't teach well and we've only had one single test throughout the whole year while all the other subject teachers has tested us each term. I'd say my school is pretty average and I always wish I was in a better school.
I was accpeted into the student leadership team but the role I got is an assisstant role. I wondered what lead to that and I feel like it was probably my reports throughout the year. I've had outstanding tasks in one report and I had low effort level for english gcse and maths even though I was just doing the gcse resits because I don't have gcses and the school adviced me to. The effort level for gcses isn't even genuine, they just put a low grade because they dk what else to put in my predictions.Some times I feel like this system is so useless and just puts you down. I do have A+ on all subjects on my gcse equivalent.
At the start I really struggled with maths because I couldn't understand what was being thought. My teacher's teaching style just didn't work well with me but I managed to get better at it with videos and practice.
I want to become organised and become a proper student without slacking off. I feel so disappointed in myself, I feel like such a failure. And I really don't know what to do to become organised. I need to survive in this school but I need strong self dicipline for that. Are there any tips I can use to get it together?
I believe on one of your other threads, I have posted a link to a thread where I shared the long-term strategies I used when studying - this includes giving yourself a timetable so you can manage your time more effectively and give yourself a routine that will help you to ensure you don’t have outstanding homework.

These aforementioned strategies may be of some use, but as evidenced by your post, everyone has their own unique learning style. And if said strategies don’t work, you now one way not to go about self-teaching, which narrows down the search to find the optimal method.

Clearly, you are not a bad student. You have seen tangible progress with your maths following a very pragmatic attempt to align your studies outside of school more towards methods you are aware work. I expect a similar approach can be applied with your other subjects and you will see similar progress made.
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