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medical case study help!!!

Hi, I would like some help with the diagnosis of a case study that I'm working on, I have one in mind but I'm not sure. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.
Patient History
A two year old boy was referred for investigations following a history of recurrent fevers andbacterial infections from the age of about six months. He had developed normally during his firstyear but is now significantly below the average height and weight for his age. He was suffering from a fever when samples were taken.
Family History
Both his parents are healthy with no history of serious illness. Although an uncle on his mother’sside died of pneumonia in his teens they are not aware of any ill health in his uncles, aunts orgrandparents. He has a six year-old sister who has suffered from common childhood illnesses buthas had no history of repeated infections.

there was a high neutrophil count
low IgG count
high IgM count
low IgA count
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