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Am I about to get fired?

Hello, I'm working at a very fancy hotel this summer in between years of university, as a room cleaner. I've worked as a room cleaner before but nowhere as fancy as this. I've been here for 3 weeks now and should be finishing up with my training but I'm still really slow and I think people at work are starting to get annoyed by it.

I'm not slacking off, I put in a lot of effort at work, I have anxiety issues and have been having some anxiety attacks about it which means I do care about the work, I just have no idea how everyone else gets through their rooms so quickly??

But anyways - my boss asked me to stick around after briefing tomorrow in a serious tone of voice, I think she might fire me?? What do I do if I get fired? This is only a summer job, will this effect my employment prospects after I get out of university? If I get the chance, should I quit before they can fire me?
You're not going to get sacked if the only issue is speed. Are you sure this is only issue?

You'll probably get told to increase your pace. If she's a good manager, she'll speak to you about support or what training you need. But you'll be fine don't worry about it.

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