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retaking 2nd year

Hi guys,

So I needed to guidance/advice as to what the next best thing is. I am currently in my second year at uni and ive just got my results. I have 3 EC's claims for 3 of my essays that i couldnt do due to a medical condition.
This also affected my summer exams and I didnt do so well on them, I didnt apply EC for my summer exam cuz i thought it would be fine.

So in total I have 120 credits for 2nd year I have 60 credits (3 modules) that I did not do and applied EC for which was accepted. 20 credits for my summer exam I failed so thats one module and the rest 2 modules (40 credits) I passed.

The Uni said due to have over 60 credits to redo I cant take them in august I have to repeat my second year and do the 80 credits there, they said it will uncapped due to the EC and I will not pay for it either.

I asked and pleaded the uni that I wanted to do them in august cuz I did not want to repeat my year but they are not giving me a proper reply instead are saying I cant do 80 credits in one month. I feel like I can and I know I can however the uni are not accepting it.

Should I appeal it and do you think its worth appealing, the resit assessments start from next week so ill be missing out on that time too as I will need to hear back from the board.

do you think best thing is to repeat the year or should I fight to do the 80 credits and is there a way to convince them.
Honestly, you’ve just got to accept that this is the unis policy.

Uncapped retakes for free is the best possible outcome. Don’t sniff at it.

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