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I am retaking a module in third year


So I am an adult student nurse.

I have pasted 1st year, I had to appeal in my second year and it was accepted. However by the time it was accepted I emailed an assigned pt to ask if I could start attending classes. I did not get a response, by the time i was told I could re-join classes, I got covid and had to isolate and that class were already presenting in that time. This meant I missed lessons on a poster presentation and missed the first attempt at handing in and presenting the poster.

I was told I could hand on the next one but it will be classed as my 2nd attempt, which was odd because I never got a 1st due to being told I had to wait to attend classes after a previous appeal, then got covid around the week they were presenting. At my first attempt on the poster, I handed in late and we were told ahead if you hand in late do not attend to present. So it went down as a non submission.

Then on the day I was meant to present I got an email asking why I did not attend. I was confused and emailed in the evidence that said we were not allowed to attend if we handed in late. The hand in time is 4pm.

I was advised to do a PMC personal mitigating circumstance which was upheld and I got to re-do my poster but did not pass it. However given that this was my real first attempt I should not have needed a PMC, this point confused my personal al tutor too. Why a PMC if this is my time? Anyway I did not pass the poster.

I tried to appeal with lots of evidence showing how I missed classes and first hand in due to a being told not to attend. It was not upheld which was strange.

Which brings me to now, I had to pay to retake the whole module for the poster. I had used up my gift year in my very first appeal in second year. So payed with maintenance loan that I got. I have handed in and present in 6 days. I am a bit of a pessimist so I called my university to find out what happens should I not pass again, just in case this happens. I found out that should I not pass, I do not get reassessed in June with the year group I am currently in. I will simply be withdrawn from the course because retailers do not get reassessed.

My question, given that I never got my first attempt to hand in and present. Then my first attempt though it handed in late and was taken as a non-submission, it was considered my 2nd for some reason. Given all these events should I get to be reassessed if I do not pass this time as a retaker? And how can that be done? Please tell me if I am in the wrong here I just want to know and calm my mind.

I know I have they to present but I have been hit with so many curve balls, I would rather just be prepared in the case that do not pass. Quite frankly I am tired and I just need to know IF this happens.

Being the pesimist I am, if I do not pass this module retake, can I appeal it on all these points or is that it for me?

Please help me
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