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Newstead Wood Sixth Form 2023

I'm considering Newstead Wood as my sixth form choice next year but I'm still unsure... my journey is about an hour and I'm not sure if that will get too tiring after a while and if work would pile up and I'd get too stressed. Also how are the biology chemistry and psychology teachers for a level? And does the uniform become a bit more relaxed after a while? Thank you!
Hi! I’m a current internal student at Newstead and I’m also going into year 12! I can’t speak for the dress code / departments in sixth form but from previous experience, our departments / teachers are good, especially for these subjects! I took psychology as an elective this year, and it was an enjoyable yet informative experience. Also, from what we know, the dress code is probably more relaxed than some other schools, but we do have to wear blazers or some form of jacket. What I found though is the older we got, the less they cared about the way we dressed lmao. So probably.
If you do come to Newstead, I’d be happy to be talk or be friends :smile:

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