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Feel like I'm left out due to my political beliefs and my religious beliefs.

I was born and grew up in a small farming town. When it comes to politics, nearly everyone in this town is left wing. Whilst attending school I was often bullied for "believing in a made up person". I feel like I was also bullied by my family, they said they were just taking the mick but they did say quite a lot of the things my bullies used to say like "you're stupid for believing in a made up person".

I'm a Christian and my political views align with the conservatives, I'm proud to be a Christian and a conservative. All my family members are left when it comes to politics and aren't religious, I do respect their choices.

Whenever there is family gatherings and they start talking about politics and other issues, one could be abortion for example. If I try and speak about my views I get told to shut up as I'm just a stupid conservative after only saying two words.

I feel because I am a conservative and a Christian I am getting silenced by family members. It's every time politics is brought up I get told to shut up. It's starting to affect me, how can I deal with this?
we are meant to feel left out, as christians it is said in the Bible if we choose christ the world will be our enemy. thats something we need to accept and understand
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