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RAF Medically Unfit Appeal

Hi there,

I’m trying to apply for an apprenticeship as an RAF Avionics Technician, Last time I had an asthma episode was 2012 Where I was prescribed Oral Steroids, 11 Years on and I’m no longer considered asthmatic and it is no longer an Active problem according to my GP I was just wondering if I should bother appealing or will I be turned down, Ive worked labour intensive jobs for the last 2 years with no issues and haven’t used any form of asthma control since 2015.
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Just to clarify, you don't apply for an apprenticeship with the Armed Forces. There is one route into the military, as a full serving member, and you can gain an apprenticeship by successful completion of training.

Basically, it doesn't matter what you can cope with in civilian life; medical standards for the Armed Forces are designed from research and risk assessment for a very different lifestyle.

You can appeal if you can.provide information, with evidence from a professional, that is new or in addition to what is in your medical records. You haven't said why you failed the medical - and don't need to on here - but you need to address the specific issue(s) raised in your rejection letter.

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