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deemed medically unfit!?

Failed my initial Capita medical with a query of a scapular wing, the medic was laughing saying "Im not sure if there's anything wrong or if you are just a bit boney''
This obviously caused me to have to appeal getting a second opinion from a private physio and my GP, both these professionals deemed me fit with no problems with my scapular wing but also confirming that I have never had any problems with it on the past. I wrote a cover letter and sent the letter from my GP back to the RAF who have just got back to me saying they are very sorry but they have framed me unfit and don't accept my appeal, anyone else experienced anything like this?
In brief Capita queried a problem, got a second and third opinion all came back with no problem and now Im deemed unfit!!!!
Any advice would be much appreciated in moving forward.
Thank you
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The GP and physio have said you have no issues in civilian life; that doesn't mean that you are fit to join the military. Medical standards for the Armed Forces are written based on research into conditions and the chance of another occurrence, causing harm not only to a candidate, but those around them during training and working. They aren't going to take the risk on someone suffering a debiliting injury and/or failing on a task, whether exercise or operation.

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