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Application medical leaflet medically unfit appeal

Hi all! I recently applied to the RAF reserves and am doing the RFI tasks. However when i did the medical leaflet i was deamed medically unfit due to me answering yes due to what i believe was saying yes to having 12 weeks of back pain.

The back pain was cleared up quickly with treatment through private treatment along with NHS xrays. This treatment was dkne years ago and again very quickly with no major treatments required.

I am going through with the appeal process and am adding reports from both private and NHS consultants as evidence.

Is there anything else needed in the letter or any advice i can recieve for this appeal as the condition i was treated without any hospitalisation or drug treatment.

Many thanks
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It's a case of addressing exactly what they stated in the letter as being the issue and providing as much written evidence as possible to support your appeal.

Just don't have anything, even your own wording, that states you are fit to join up; that is up to the medical board. Managing normal activities in civilian life doesn't mean someone could cope with military life. It needs to keep to the facts in hand.

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