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Leaving a temporary job

I'm in a bit of a tricky situation. I'm working as a tour guide over the summer and am contracted to do three tours. It's a three week long tour and involves a lot of long (and uncomfortable) bus journeys, often without breaks. I thought it would be a great opportunity to travel (and it is) but it's far more strenuous than I thought. I've also just accepted a new job, one which will help me to progress within my chosen field (not tourism!) but I will have to miss the first two weeks due to the tour. I feel really bad but I just don't think I want to do the third tour, which is one month away. My contract states I need to give one month's notice but I'm really worried about quitting and how it will affect my relationship with the company while I'm touring. What should I do?
Well you cant do both so you have to pick one.
You can email the tour company now and give your notice - since its only a temporary job then can do anything much to you just check your contract beforehand to make sure.

You need the permanent job much more so you have to concentrate on that.

Chance are you will never go back and work with the tour company again so dont need to worry about your "relationship" with them - you are probably just one of many that has done the same they will be used to it.
Your contract says you have to give a months notice , but how are they going to enforce that ?

Pick the one you want and ditch the other . You already have a job lined up so it’s not like you need a reference at present . Which is the the only thing the job you ditch can legally withhold.

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