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Delay In my CAS Letter

Hi Team BCU,

My Application number is 22219715 and I have applied for September Intake in MSc Construction Project Management with PP at Birmingham City University.

On 23rd June 2023, I applied for my CAS letter on CAS Shield by uploading all my documents and the same on the mySRS Portal which is also not verified yet. It's been 35 days since my CAS has been applied and from the last 28 days, my CAS tracking shows stuck at 61%

I am contacting the BCU International Enquires team on an alternate basis through phone calls and emails but they are not able to help with this issue as they are also not aware of why the CAS process has been stuck for so many days.
I am writing down all my concern from the day I am facing this problem to the BCU India team and representatives but unfortunately, no one is replying to my emails.

It is my humble request that you kindly look into my situation and help me process my CAS letter soon so that I can apply for VISA on time and book my flights which are getting costlier day by day. With the delay of the CAS letter I have lost many accommodation options near the university and my University Accommodation is also on hold because of the CAS letter. I am afraid that my deadline for accommodation documents get over.

Therefore it's my humble request to please issue my CAS letter.

Thank You

Ajay Sharma
Hi @Ajay2797

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, the international team do not take messages or requests through The student room, so all I can recommend is that you keep emailing and calling.

Good luck,
North Campus, Birmingham City University
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