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I may be payed late or not paied at all what do I do?


So basically I started 2 jobs and one of them was at gll, I stopped all shifts because its was to hot kn there and I don't like to work there. I did 2 shifts one before and after the cut off date and I need to input it into the portal to be paied. But the emplpyee portal isn't working for me and I have said it to my manager. If I don't get paied in time even if I only technically worked for 2 days what can I do?
In my contract it said I have to enter it on time and correctly to be paied but I can't and it's not my fault and it's only 2 days of work but I still want to be paied even if it's for 2 days of essentially minimum wage or low pay work yk

Btw I am slightly dyslexic so if I don't make sense or this is confused just ask what tf I am saying
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