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Which universities would accept me?

I’m studying economics maths and business studies and am predicted 2 a* and 1 a. I want to go to a university in central London such as ucl lse or kings college but am worried if my option of choosing business studies may effect that
Business studies in itself is not necessarily an issue. The potential problem would be the combination of economics and business studies, as due to overlapping content some universities do not accept this combination as part of a combination of three A-levels and would expect students doing both to also be doing a fourth A-level (I believe LSE has this view).

I would recommend checking the webpages of the universities you are interested in and seeing what their policy on that combination is. If in doubt try and contact them (although I would recommend waiting a month before contacting them, as A-level results day is coming up and clearing will be in full force at that point so they will be very busy managing clearing and queries from current offer holders and near miss applicants).
Thank you so much I’ll be sure to check their webpages

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