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Why is my preferred type of girl changing?

From the age of 14 to 17, I preferred girls with bold features (dark hair, eyebrows, thick eyelashes). I never was attracted to blue eyes but that's changed a lot recently and I love them, also love straight light brown hair now which is weird and I can't find any info as to why. I'm a straight guy btw. I don't feel that much attraction towards brunettes with dark eyes as much these days, like I've been over-exposed to it or something.
(edited 9 months ago)
I honestly do not know how to answer this. But Good looks are a factor in loving someone but it’s not really something major, it’s just them as a person. You may have matured and just realised your attracted to different people, that’s fine. Maybe you’ve been overexposed but then again your preference may have change because of overexposure to social media too. Lol

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