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Hi, my boyfriend is turning 27 towards the end of September, I'm 21 and we met last year at uni. I've now graduated but he's got another year, maybe 2 if he tops up. We're planning on moving in together in October/November to a rented place. He lived with his dad before the last academic year and is currently staying with me at my family home as he lives far away and I live closer to his work and uni. I'm just wondering about student finance, as he won't be living at home with his dad or in uni accommodation like last year, he applied for finance before we decided to live together and he said it only asked if he was living away from home. Would our new rented place now be "home"? Or my family home as that's where we're likelyto be when he starts this year? Would he need to reapply? Is my income now the income to base it off? I'm just confused how it works really. I don't know if it's relevant but he got maximum maintenance loan last year, it said he'd get the same this year but I don't know if that amount would be different now? We both live and go to uni outside of London.

Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if this makes no sense!

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