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CAMHS Assistant Psychologist Royal Free Hospital Interview Process

I thought I'd share my interview experience at The Royal Free Hospital.

There was a 45-minute task followed by a 30-minute interview. You went into one room with a clinical psychologist and were given a workbook with some paper for the task.

The task was broken up into 3 chunks:
1) Work out the total scores of different eating disorder scales and calculate which percentile they're in from a table provided.
2) Write down how you would create a report on what CAMHS has been doing with patient group A. Tell us how you would use MS word to write this report including any of the tools you would use to display the data. (You were provided with a data table)
3) Draw a diagram of the clinical audit cycle.

This was followed by a 30-minute interview in a different room with the panel.

Interview questions:
1. What’s your experience with audit and data management and how can it be applied to this role?

2. Tell us about a time it’s been challenging to be welcoming and what you learned from it (this is specific to the trust's values).

3. What would you take into consideration when assessing a child with neurodevelopmental problems?

4. Tell us about a time when you had to encourage and motivate people within your team to do research, how you did it, and what you’d do differently.

5. You see a parent speaking badly to a child in the waiting area. What do you do in regards to safeguarding?

6. What do you think the role of a clinical audit is in CAHMS?

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