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I can’t decide on what subject at uni to take

I take A level maths, chemistry, and physics. I’d say the subject I’m strongest in is maths and weakest in is chemistry. But I’m not sure why but I’ve leaned towards chemistry for uni choices. I feel like I’d struggle more mainly due to how my brain processes things which is more suited to maths but then again I find chemistry fascinating. I’ve also considered taking joint subjects like chemistry and physics. Physics is also a strong choice for me because it includes maths and science, but I really don’t know what to take, I’ve even considered taking joint management because I’m also interested in businesses. Can anyone give me advice about these uni choices and can you share your experiences with me? Thanks
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Could you look at natural science courses where you could take both maths and chemistry to see what works for you at university level?

Other ideas to look up:

- geophysics
- materials science

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