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Hi, I am currently in year 13 studying criminology, sociology, and English lang & lit. I want to apply for a BSc in Psychology (mainly for forensic psych courses) but as I don’t study psychology at A level, I’m wondering how I would be able to link another subject I study to this? 😭
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Most (if not all) universities don't actually require you to have studied Psychology at A level, instead they usually want either 1 or 2 sciences... except that each university decides what counts as a science and so far, I've been unable to find a university that considers sociology or criminology (didn't know this existed as an A level option) to be a science.

Since you're in year 13 and changing A Levels is not an option anymore, you can either go study some other degree and after you've finished, do a BPS accredited Psychology conversion course, which will enable you to pursue psychological careers; or you can take a gap year and sit a science A Level (like, Psychology!) during your gap year and apply for 2025 entry.

I'm sorry, I realise this is probably not what you wished to hear but I hope it proves useful anyway
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I think that Criminology A level is not a full A level. This may restrict your uni choice.
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It's not typically a requirement to have done psychology A level, as many schools and colleges don't offer it. In your case, ensure your PS includes some discussion of how your A Level subjects relate to various domains of psychology, and reading that you've done within psychology specifically to show that you understand what it is and how it differs from Soc and Crim. Also, don't just focus on forensic unless you're applying to courses that are purely forensic psychology - most courses are quite wide ranging (and are required to cover a certain range of topics if they have BPS accreditation) and you don't want to come across as only having one niche interest and not caring about other areas within the subject. Talk about your particular interests of course, but if I were you I would try to find 1-2 that are in other areas of psychology to write about as well

Check out this link for guidance on writing a psychology PS. You don't need to talk about your a levels at all - focus on why you are interested in psych :smile: just check the requirements for the unis you are applying for

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