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If I drop out what is the process like of getting next years funding

I'm dropping out because I don't like my current course and it's too late to change to a different one so I'm applying at a different university next year, so I was wondering if I just need to cancel this years funding and re-apply for the next academic year?

I was also wondering if I will only be charged for my first semester as that's all I've completed or will it be the entire year?
Hi fishda,

If you are leaving your course your university will need to inform us that you have withdrawn. Once 24/25 applications open around March next year you can then make a new application.

It is up to your university how much they charge you for the time that you attended so you will need to discuss this with them

If you leave now then you’ll be charged 25% of the annual fee.
Your wont receive any further maintenance loan instalments and will likely be required to repay around 1/4 of the instalment you received in September immediately (with the remainder added to your standard loan repayment after graduation).

You don’t have to drop out to reapply elsewhere. If you stay on your course until January then your tuition fee will not increase and you won’t have to repay any of the September instalment of your maintenance loan immediately (it will all be added to the standard repayment). If you stay until Easter then you’ll be charged 50% of the annual tuition fee and will be paid your January maintenance loan instalment. If you complete the year and withdraw formally in July/August then you’ll be charged 100% tuition fees and be paid all 3 instalments of your maintenance loan.

Cancelling your funding is done by your university when you formally follow their process to withdraw from your course. They then notify student finance.

Depending on what else you have planned, the rental and cancellation contract conditions on your accommodation and how unhappy you are then it may well be worth staying on your current course and completing the year (ideally passing and being awarded a CertHE).

Applying for funding for next year kicks in in February/March and differs depending on whether you will complete the year (in which case you apply as a continuing student and just amend the university, course and year for funding in 2024/25) or if you withdraw (in which case you apply as a new student again).
Your entitlement for funding for another degree is the same whether you leave your current course after 3 weeks or 40 weeks.

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