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Funding for course materials for a part time student?

So I’m about to start my HNC after a long gap from education
The course is £750 per year, saas pays about £500 of it- does that mean I can apply for saas again next year if I get into year 2 of the course? (It’s part time and I’m doing year 1)

I’m on universal credit and while my parents are helping me out to an extent with the course fees saas wont cover, I could do with some help for course materials, travel and textbooks, and stationery.

I’m seeing the job centre tomorrow just for my usual four times a year review and I’m planning to tell them I got a place in the course which I hope they will be pleased about as last time I got told to think about college or volunteering. I’m not ‘nagged’ to work asap because I have autism and bad epilepsy.

Anyway- is there any way they could help which isn’t taking out a loan with the job centre? Did that before and it can only be done once a year so I like to save it for emergency use only.


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