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crushing on the same guy for 3 years

Hi, so theres this kid in my school and i have been crushing on him for 3 years now, at first we used to be like friends but then I guess i became mean to him? ( daz wat he told me) so we dont talk anymore. But im still crushing so hard on him, even thought he tells me that he hates me a lot. Last year he was in some of my classes with me and he would always make funny faces or when the teacherrs would give us assigned seats we would usually sit together (daz how threy would assing us 2 sit lmfao ^^) and he would just randomly stare at me or touch my stuff. He would sometimes switch out our pencils, earsers, notes and stuff like that. One day last year when we were in reading class the teacher assigned us 2 sit together because there was a seat change for the whole class and that day we both had fidget magnets and I was playing with mine. Then he grabbed it and played wit it and I was confused because he didnt even ask but then he gave me his magnet. And litterly begged me to switch our magnets so i said yes. Then he looked so happy and was smiling at me for the rest of the period. And other time in math class last year he asked me to be partners with him which he never did. Also when we first strated that grade (not saying the number loll ^^) we had a lot of classes together again and in math class (again loll^^) i was coloring on my textbook and then he turned around and did the same thing and started to draw little smiley faces and stuff on the book and the teacher got mad at us but loll! But sadly we have no same clasess this year T__T.
BUT! the lunchtable I sit with my friends is where his friends sit as well and sometimes he just sits next to stares at me for like 5 sec and then talks to his friends then leaves. Like this another time in reading last year he was so sleepy and his head kept on falling ( he was like a little kitten istg <333) and the put his head on the desk finally and that perticular day I was also very sleepy so i put my head down and well (also we are still sitting in front of each other so the seats are touching face 2 face lmfao ^^) and the moment i put my head down he puts his hand on the desk but its on my desk as well but i was the first one to put my hand like that he does it after i do it. And bruh our hands were so close to touching istg other kids were looking at us and he didnt so nun. EEEKKKK!!! <3333
He would constantly stare and me just randomly and basically we would have a staring contest across the class when our seats werent close. and whenver one of us lost he would just laugh and give the warmest smile i have ever seen but then to his friends he would be like "bru she keeps staring at me." but i was never the first one to stare never ever loll
One last thing! At math class again last year we were talking about crocs and wat do ya know our seats were assignet next to eacter and its always been like that since we first started diz skool loll, so we waz talkign bout crocs and then i asked him wat type he had (stoopid ahh question ik ppl) and he was like "OH DEEZ R LE GRANDPA CROCZ" so i was like is it the same comfort? and he said yea and asked me if i wanted to switch crocs with him. but stoopid me said no... T__T
So yea he messed w me a lot and sometimes he laughs or smiles at me somethimes makes fun of me 2 but ive been crushing so hard for 3 years. So pls tell me at least how to b like friends w him or sum pls!
I really luv this boy.
( Also i was going out for backpack shopping today bcuz my SKZ one broke T_T and while looking at backpacks I saw the same one that he had and of course i got it loll)
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You're kids. Concentrate on school, not boys.
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some of this wording and language has me so confused...
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When did i say i wasnt cofused on school. Also I havent mentioned what grade either.
hello :smile:
i would wait for him to make any move
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Original post by beautifulworld
hello :smile:
i would wait for him to make any move

yea ig so but ive been waiting for 4 yrs now ugh >_<
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Original post by Anonymous
yea ig so but ive been waiting for 4 yrs now ugh >_<

*3 years my bad sorrsy loll
Boys like it when you make the first move, but focus more on school not him.

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