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My Girlfriend And I

Hi! My name is Elliot and my girlfriend and I have been together for 9 months now im 15 and shes 14 turning 15 in January. I love her so so much and during these 9 months weve had arguments loads of arguments but we just cant break up with each other and find it really hard to, our love for each other prevails. Were currently not able to go out alone but I have had conversations with my brother where hes said when im in Year 13 so when shes entered sixth form he can have a conversation with my mum to try lighten things up and encourage to an extent us going out alone together. I want to go out as I believe itll help our bond and relationship grow. I wanted to know what the best way from now that im in Year 11 to Year 12 and 13 then off to uni to grow our relationship and make her feel a special type of love. And well most likely end up going to different sixth forms how do we navigate that and stuff whilst maintaining our relationship. What would you say is the best way to go about it all? How do i make her feel truely loved so that even if other boys approach her shell still want me? Our mums are aware were dating btw
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Stop thinking years ahead and look at the immediate problem: loads of arguments. That shouldn't be happening and if it's been like that for 9 months it's not a relationship and there's no point continuing. Don't kid yourself that you love each other with that kind of behaviour.

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