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I have just started at a firm it’s been 3 months my senior who is rude to everyone is very nice to me and finds me attractive and I feel the same but I just got to know he has a girlfriend and is in relationship I don’t want to be that bad person to break there relationship but I am confused why does he looks at me all the day and have special feelings about me I am just wondering if he is just flirting or he thinks that I would not find out that he has a girlfriend,I have no clarity and everyone at office thinks he likes me and I am hurt to know that he has a girlfriend should I start ignoring him?or can a man have feelings for other women even when he is in relationship?
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You can't ignore your senior; keep it professional.

If someone is in a relationship they shouldn't be flirting or doing anything inappropriate. If he looks like he could cheat on his current girlfriend, why would you want to get involved with someone who behaves like that?

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