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How do you get from a 2:2 to a first class degree?

In first year, due to my performance that resulted in me passing first year with an average of 2:2 despite achieving a 2:1 in the first semester but then got worse in second semester because I was slacking and not using the resources provided by the University.

I do not want to repeat my mistakes and I've basically did some re-cap on most subjects this September that is a pre-requisite for second year modules. Whilst learning other skills such as python programming for machine learning, game development and using 3D software's such as blender and inventor , started my first job to possibly help my financial problem. Fixed my sleep schedule and diet as I've noticed I perform well with 8 hours of sleep and I drink water for every 15 minutes intervals since it can maintain attention and boost my brain performance when learning. Started skateboarding which I realized helped with relieving my stress/anxiety.

In August, I had to re-sit two modules in two weeks which forced me to find as many learning methods and learn to manage my time in these situations. However, I may not have my results until the 21st which is an issue since I will never know if I'm going to re-sit the year or pass on to second year which will make me completely unprepared so I did my own preparation this September whether or not I make it to second year since I will return on October 7th. Which is good so at-least I know the University hasn't kicked me out and will give me a second chance.

I want to achieve a first-class but a 2:1 will be a bare minimum that I will be willing to accept. At some point of my life, experience will become more important but my final degree will essentially be an entry ticket to great companies or at-least show me that I can do what I want if I put my mind to it. I'm studying Robotics Engineering and I want to use this degree to help people, to help myself and possibly use it to help the world.

However, my issues are that in first year. I did poorly in writing lab reports which is not ideal if we're going to write dissertations very soon in third year or maybe second year. I overthink a-lot and constantly have low-self esteem but surprisingly my job pointed out this problem and I was able to help it by their recommendations where I'd should stop and think about what needs to be done and just focus on one thing at a time. Learning material very quickly was also difficult and realizing I'd need at-least 3 months in preparation before the examination. During game development (I was bored), I made a few friends to help make games together however they pointed out that I didn't really have any plan or know what I wanted and would change in the last minute. So, I've realized that when I was younger especially in sixth form. I focused on one thing which was to study robotics engineering and nothing else and this helped me to get into University with the grades that I needed but I seemed to have lost that 'goal-focused' ability once I arrived. So I prepared a one year goal and will stop to nothing to achieve it.

So, my question is how do I achieve a first-class degree if I got a 2:2 and write the 'best' lab report for University?

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