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3 future-proof careers in Architecture

Architecture is the process of drawing, planning, designing and constructing buildings and structures. The role of an architect is to oversee the drawing of a building or structure from a blank page through to the completed construction. 📐 📏

There are many areas an architect must be knowledgeable in, including building regulations, sketching, environmental issues and applied mathematics.

Graduating with a degree in Architectural Engineering or Architectural Technology can lead to a rewarding career with many paths that you could take, including:

Property Development
Property development is a popular industry for many architects, and it is easy to see why. We can't get enough of property development TV shows! You can watch popular TV series such as Homes Under the Hammer, Grand Designs or George Clarke's Amazing Spaces to see why. People will turn a shell of a house into a wonderfully renovated home.

It is the job of the architects in this position to have a vision for the existing structure of the house and work with the owner of the property to maximise its full potential. Working in property development is also financially rewarding as well as emotionally rewarding - you can expect to receive 5-12% of the overall construction costs on any project that you are involved in.

Landscape Design
The aftermath of the pandemic in 2020 has seen a rise in people spending more time in their gardens and also spending more money on them. In fact, in 2021, more than £18 billion was spent on gardens in the UK. With that being the case, you could turn your newly acquired green-fingered hobby into a lucrative career.

Sustainable building doesn't only apply to building designs, you will be learning to work with durable, reusable and recyclable materials such as soil, wood, bamboo, etc - all of which could be used in gardens too!

There are many incentives for using these materials in landscape design. One of which is that it could lead to saving wildlife habitats in built-up places, as we naturally look for solutions to an ever more present urban sprawl in our cities and towns.

Sustainable Building Design
Many people believe that vehicles are the only polluting factor in our current habitat. Buildings consume 20-50% of physical resources according to their environment. This produces a big opportunity for architectural engineers to combat climate change.

There is an increasing demand for engineers to be creative in their ideas and find solutions to the real-world problems that we face today. A sustainable architect's job would take into account the use of resources and their environmental impact and carefully ask what kinds of products should be chosen.

Do you have a dream career in architecture? Let me know below :smile:


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