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What modules should you take for a career in the corporate law sector? And can commercial law work experience apply to corporate law jobs?
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Hi there,

I am a law student at Coventry University. This isn't my area of expertise however, I believe you can use the experience you gain from commercial law and apply it in the corporate law work environment.
Now what I mean here is not the knowledge you gained about commercial law, but the skills you developed such as your communication skills with your clients and I believe you may have undergone negotiation sessions. As a corporate lawyer, they should possess essential skills such as communication and negotiations skills, analytical skills, the potential to think outside of the box and etc.
These key skills can be developed in any law firm which doesn't specialise in corporate or commercial law.

Sometimes individuals will acquire the knowledge of animal law or environmental law when working for a law firm that specialises in these law, rather than in uni, since not all universities offer to teach the doctrine of animal law or environmental law, as an example.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Coventry University Student Ambassador

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