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EPQ AQA tips

Im new to the whole Epq thing but very interested in it. I do english language so that could help with the writing part as i want to do the 5000 word report thing but any advice, any title ideas that could elevate marks or anything.

Any techniques, personal experiences and resources that I can use for my EPQ and to also explain what a log book is and all?

If i should start planning now how i should collect data and etc.

Any “hacks” to succeed and what my title should be based around - very new to all this.

Thank youuuu!
Does your school have a supervisor? Have a chat with them or your English teacher to get an idea. A supervisor would be able to inform you about log and deadlines which stage you're expected to be.

What subjects are you interested in? Areas you want to explore or questions you are passionate in? Have a think about it -- make a mindmap to brainstorm what the EPQ could be about.
Look around some websites for EPQ ideas. There're so many of them out there and should make a starting point
as for log, it's a booklet you have to fill in to track your thinking process and research

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