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Should I try sales?

Just for a bit of context, I'm in my late teens and I have a background in business studies and have a little side hustle business I started whilst on my gap year abroad. I recently applied to a sales assistant role which requires me to acquire new customers door-to-door, representing one of the large broadband companies and their new technology. I think there's a potential for growth and sales. I myself am positive and driven.

However, after having successfully landed the job, although I haven't officially started yet (today was my first day of training and getting to know what I'll be selling), I'm faced me with uncertainty. My parents suggest that I find something else, as they think that the job is a waste of time and I won't even make the minimum wage as it's commission-based pay. I can see why. Also, the job is around 40-60 minutes away from my home.

On the other hand, I've visited the office and the work culture seems amazing. The group interview was also good. The employees enjoy a mixed and flexible work culture of both casual and professional. They talked us through how the experienced will support the beginners and that there's potential for us to grow to becoming mentors, campaign directors, and even CEOs. They talked us through incentives and annual company trips to exotic locations if we progress to the higher stages. The employees state about working hard but playing hard too.

I'm an open-minded individual and one that really thinks through and feel like it's a great opportunity as long as I push through and don't give up myself. The company has already offered to move me up a few levels due to my personal experience in selling and promoting my own goods.

But, it's still a door-to-door sales position that is one of my first jobs and I'm really unsure if it's worth being patient for weeks on end without sales and getting doors slammed in my face. Or should I just accept offers that provide a secure hourly wage that are nearer to me but don't provide as many incentives or the growth.

What are your guys' thoughts? I need to let them know. I've only verbally accepted the role but haven't signed any papers yet till a few days. I'm honestly feeling that there can be great progression in this role and to network with great people and like mentioned, the work culture is amazing too. But, I don't know if I'm that much into sales and going door-to-door. I certainly feel like I have some of the qualities but just don't know to be honest.

Sorry for the long read..
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I’m with your parents. But I suppose there’s little harm in giving it a go if you want to
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Original post by Zarek
I’m with your parents. But I suppose there’s little harm in giving it a go if you want to

I think I'll go with them on this one too. Currently need an income for some time being. Thanks for the reply.
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I actually did door-to-door security sales for 4 months during the summer, I found alot of failure but alot of success. If you are looking for a sales job that will teach you about sales quickly I would suggest you look more into it. Here is a post that might help you understand it a bit better:

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