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Sixth form personal statement

Currently in year 11 and I need advice on how to write a personal statement for sixth form. The only advice I can find is from people applying to uni and i assume a sixth-form personal statement is a lot different from a uni one. How do I structure it and how long should it be? All advice is appreciated <3
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Writing a personal statement for sixth form is different from a university personal statement, but it serves a similar purpose: to help the admissions team get to know you better and understand why you're a suitable candidate. A sixth-form personal statement is shorter and thus should be concise, around 500-600 words. Structure it with an introduction, highlighting your interest in the chosen subjects, followed by your academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and skills. Explain why you want to study at the sixth form and how it aligns with your future goals. Conclude with your enthusiasm and commitment.

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