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What are the Graduate employment opportunities after this degree?
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Not a lot. You'd be a lot better off spending your year doing some unpaid/low paid apprenticeship or work experience at a well known theatre or film company if that's what you're after. Contacts are worth so much more in that industry. You'll find most film/media university students only chose it as it's an ''easy'' course and means they can spend time partying as horrible as that sounds. As I said, contacts are so much more important (and a lot cheaper than a £45,000+ debt that will be placed on you from 3 years of uni!!)
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What are the Graduate employment opportunities after this degree?


There are a lot of opportunities with a film and screen studies degree, especially if you are based in a city where a lot of film and TV production takes place. Production houses (film and TV companies, theatre companies, media houses that produce digital content etc.) will always be on the lookout for people to join their production crew. At first, it will be minor jobs (such as runners, who aid with smaller tasks), but you will be allowed to observe and gain experience in all aspects of filmmaking and from then on, you can decide what you would like to do further in your career and look for availability in that speciality. It is also a good place to network and gather contacts to help you in the future. More than anything, it is an incredible learning experience that will equip you with the practical skills required in the industry.

All the best in all your endeavours!

Upasana Bhatt
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