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Improvement in work experience application in medical physics

hi I am trying to apply for some work experience in medical physics in the NHS. I just needed some help for some improvements in my application. I was supposed to answer the question below 'Please explain why you have chosen this placement and what you hope to get from it. Include your hobbies and interests and your plans for the future'

I am an undergraduate student who is currently studying Physics at ---------- university. I am interested in exploring a career in medical physics and therefore believe a work experience placement in the relevant field will be an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of the career, learn about the skills needed to pursue the role in the future and to gain valuable insight into the career from the professionals already working in the field. Ever since I attended a talk held by the NHS on the scientific careers in the NHS, I had developed an interest in the field of medical physics especially in the areas or radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. Applying the knowledge that I have learned theoretically to real life scenarios to help people who are suffering is what captivates me the most about the job. Once I finish my undergraduate degree, I plan to apply to the Scientist training programme which I believe will be a perfect pathway to achieve the career that I want.
"Scientist Training Programme" should, I think, be capitalised all the way through as it's the name of a formal scheme so I would consider it as a proper noun (phrase) I think? You also wrote "or" instead of "of" for "of radiotherapy and nuclear medicine". Definitely make sure you proofread.

Also both of these areas are clinical areas, which medical physicists work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals in but it doesn't sound like you have looked too much into what the medical physicists do in those areas. I would recommend being more specific after doing some more research. Would probably rephrase the bit about "people who are suffering" as the phrasing seems a little less ideal. I suspect medical physicists are not going to be engaging with patients so much and would work more in the "background" of it managing the radiation safety and QA aspects, supporting the delivery of new technologies in the department to provide more care options/better care etc.

The application does specifically instruct you to include your hobbies and interests as well as plans for the future - you did not really include the former two things. You need to use examples from your hobbies and interests to illustrate transferable skills that will make you a useful member of the team in the placement e.g. "outside of my studies I was on the committee for X society as Y officer, in this role I developed Z skill which I believe will enable me to better support *whatever* in this placement" or something like that. Also your interests as phrased are a little vague and your future plans I think are also just a bit basic perhaps. You want to apply to the STP - great - what would be your long term goals after that? How will you going onto that role be beneficial to the NHS?

They're aware that you want this career and it will be helpful to you they need to know how you will be usefuf to them as well. So remember that - you need to sell yourself to them, not (just) convince them why this is great for you.

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