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Volunteering/Work Experience for Engineering

I am looking for places I could work/volunteer at to get experience, particularly in the field of aerospace engineering, but just broader engineering is fine as well. I want to get experience so I can put this on uni applications but if you have any recommendations, they must be open to GCSE/A level Students.
I have looked at a few places like Leonardo and Rolls Royce and these offer week-long work experiences to GCSE/A level students but is this enough?
Does anyone know any more places that offer engineering work experiences to GCSE/A level students?
Are there also any volunteering opportunities in engineering open to GCSE/A level students? I know that if, for example, one wanted to become a vet, they could volunteer at a local animal rescue centre or something similar. Is there anything like that but for engineering?
I have also looked into The Engineering Education Scheme but can't find out much about it. Has anyone here done something with it?

Lots of questions, just trying to explore opportunities :smile:

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