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Was I getting groomed?

So this is going to sound messed up. A married man kissed me, he called me easy to his friend and he kissed me then said he likes kissing me but when I left, he yelled where the **** is she going and yelled he loves me. Yet, his actions said otherwise, he called me easy, disrespected me by saying I bet her mother ****ed an Asian guy because I look mixed when I don’t. Mind u he’s 28 and I’m 22. He kept flirting with me and he’s married. Is he trying to sleep with me?

Then he said he was going to leave her for me which is bull then got happy when I said I think I’m high when I wasn’t.. it was just to test him.. and he smiled with his friend..

He kissed me three times and it was out of the blue which made me so uncomfortable.. but when I left he screamed I love you. But I have one valuable information - he asked me about wanting kids.. and I said no and felt uncomfortable . then kept saying im so young and beautiful again and again. Then when I did leave, he said I need you and screamed I love you. After I left I started to cry and he tried to calm me down but nothing worked. Every since I haven’t been in contact with him

Anywho him asking me to become a singer did seem a little ****ed up when everyone was smirking…
I don't think this is grooming so much as him being a complete and total plank.

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