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University after s5

Is going to uni after s5 a good idea?
I am thinking about going to Edinburgh or glasgow
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For some people yes, for others no.........

I know that doesn't help much but there are so many variables it is impossible to say. Personally I think most students will benefit from an extra year of life experiences and maturity before going to uni. They can also spend 6th year learning soft skills and outside interests such as driving.
The chances of you getting into the University of Edinburgh after 5th year, instead of 6th year are very slim, like next to 0. The chances of you getting a conditional offer are very small, and it will be much higher than what others would be getting for that same course. You are also at an disadvantage as you will not have enough to put on your personal statement. but if you choose to go through with good for you.
Original post by PER_SO_N
Is going to uni after s5 a good idea?
I am thinking about going to Edinburgh or glasgow

Hello @PER_SO_N,
Going to uni at the end of S5 is a very personal decision and one which has many things to consider (like any decisions about going to uni at any age).
Some things to consider:
1. Application process - your application needs submitted by January and by any school set deadlines. You may have less focused support from your school as often time is given to S6's not those in S5. Therefore, it may be harder and more work on you to make sure you have your references etc. Also you will need time to write your application which is time away from studying for your qualifications.
2. Age - age is a number and you can go at any age but it is worth considering the impact being younger may have. There may be some social elements not open to you in your first year. Also maturity and independence. Some people feel ready and others don't.
3. Financial - University is expensive and by going to uni early it may give less time for you to be financially prepared. Going to uni after S6 gives an extra year (including an extra summer) to possibly work and or gain more experience to help reduce any need to work a lot whist studying - once again everyone financial situation is different.
4. Academic pressure - It is worth considering whether if you apply after s5 would put yourself under added pressure when sitting your Highers/qualifications and if this pressure would be detrimental or positive. Too much pressure could put your grades at risk which could hinder your uni chances at the end of S5 and s6

There are plenty of things to consider and ultimately it is your decision to make. I would encourage speaking to family, to your school (guidance staff/teachers) and also anyone you may know at uni and ask for their opinions.
Best of luck for your decision and any exams and uni applications you have in the future !
Catherine - University of Strathclyde Student Ambassador

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