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Hi there,
I'm currently looking to apply to psychology courses (with my statement already done), with my first choice of Uni being Durham. I've been looking at the other psychology-related courses they offer and one is education studies, which may suit me more due to a lower grade boundary (AAB over AAA). If I wanted to apply to this course instead but in other unis just to psych courses, would I need to tailor my personal statement to education more? Or would I be able to keep it the same?
Thanks, and any advice is greatly appreciated! :smile:

It's great to hear you're thinking of applying! It's always a good idea to make your personal statement specific to the course you're applying to. I can imagine Psychology and Education courses are quite similar in some ways, so it shouldn't be too difficult to tweak a few sections to make your statement more focused on education. Think about how the skills you have mentioned for psychology also can be applied to educational work etc.

Have you considered applying to Lancaster at all? As part of a psychology degree here you can apply for a placement working in the BabyLab. This can be done alongside your studies, so you gain experience without having to do a whole placement year! Our BabyLab is a high tech and leading research facility ( Our entry requirements are also at AAB. You can take a look at our page here

Best of luck with your applications! Let me know if you want to know any more info about Lancaster.
Holly B

(Lancaster Uni Psych Student Ambassador)

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