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Anybody thinks that could be a hernia?

Hello, I'm 18 year old guy and never had any surgery or more serious injury even though I played a lot of sports so I'm not really used to going to a doctor. 17 days ago I was working and as I remember I was lifting or basically adapting beer stands roof and even though I'm very tall I had to stretch and use force to move it towards me (telling you that because maybe that could be the reason). In less than 1 hous it hurt me like 1.5/10 in my upper right part of stomach but just when I banded. Next day I was almost okay, and than two day later I lifted something kinda heavy again and than after less than few hours it started hurting me in my lower right part of abdomen that it hurt me when I was bending over or lifting something and also in my right groin, that pain was first few days kinda intense but still not that much. After 10 days of the first pain in my upper right part of stomach I went on a check to a doctor since I was very nervous and 100% sure she is gonna say I have inguinal hernia since I'm always real with myself and don't wanna lie to myself and others. She asked me about symptoms since I said to her I think I have inguinal hernia and than I layed down and she was using stetoschope on those parts when you can get hernia, than she was pressing on that parts too if it hurts me but nothing really hurted me and she also said that there is no hernia. Than she looked at me when I was standing but still she didn't saw anything. I said to her that I maybe felt for some days some "hardness" or heaviness and pain in my right testicle. She also checked my testicles but everything was okay she said. She thinks that I have a strained groin. I told her that I have maybe a little like swollen right groin but she said that's normal when you strain any muscle. My symptoms got better from last 2 weeks till now but it's true that 2 weeks ago or little less I could feel heaviness in my right testicle, it hurted me when I bended over, it hurted me when I lifted something, but now it doesn't feel like anything of that but maybe a very little pain like 0.5-1/10 is there and I can see my right part of groin is little swollen but doctor didn't feel any bulge and I can't feel it too since as I readed you should feel the bulge that you can push back. Basically if it's there you should feel it. I gotta say that maybe sometimes it just stabs me with a very mild pain just aside of my penis or maybe when I masturbate I can feel some kind of hot or stabbing pain which is also almost unnotticeable dirrectly just right side of my penis basically where penis comes out. That part is still swollen a little like before btw. I can also remember when I sneezed very strong one night, I had like stabbing, hot pain every few minutes in my lower groin that just randomly came and go, next day I was fully okay. Right now I can feel that very mild pain in my right groin aside from my penis or sometimes in my lower abdomen more on the hip side, just like it would be connected, do you know why is that? I always overthink things but everybody just says it's not a hernia and also a doctor said it's not. I really want to just get back to work and gym since I miss my old life. It makes me depressed worrying about that and not having my normal life.
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