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A cheesy title i know, but i had to try think of something a little different. I study Design Engineering. Courses like Middlesex's Design Engineering & UCL's Engineering for Social Change are courses that stood out to me a lot. I wanted to be able to apply myself creatively but also technically and thought design engineering is what would grant me that.

This blog thing is new to me, but i think if i can keep consistent it will keep my on track and remind me to stay focused when i it get's tough and i forget why i chose what i chose.

I'm going to be writing about how i'm finding uni but also reflect on the thoughts i had during my gap year, mainly the separation i found between education and learning in general. Also tailoring my degree to introduce other things I'm interested in, like modules from the degree's i mentioned earlier - the idea of building your own degree.
Hey @Jaysy :biggrin: How are you finding the start of the new semester if you've just started from a gap year? What classes are you most excited to get stuck in to?

- Caitlin :h:
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Hi, i took a gap year then done an Access to Engineering HE course (1 year). This is because i wasn't confident in maths and saw it as an alternative to foundation year. I was sure that i was going to do a form of engineering if i decided to go to university.

But at the moment I'm finding it good, we've got straight into the action and hopefully I'll be updating the blog, at the least reflecting on each term.

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