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University GCSE minimum requirement help!!!

Ok so I am looking at a university that requires you to have gotten a grade 6 in maths GCSE (i got that) and a grade 6 in english (i got 5 lang, 6 lit).

Obviously i am assuming the lit doesn't count, and am very scared that now i cannot get into this university as i dont have the 6 in eng lang?

Is it absolutely compulsory to have the 6 in lang, as i do not want to be wasting an option but rlly rlly loved this uni when i went to the open day for it, but dont want my choice to go to waste as i do not have the appropriate grade . Resits aren't an option for me btw

Unis are usually inflexible with regards to GCSE requirements. If you can’t retake Eng Lang, it will likely be a wasted choice.

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