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Weights and the scale

Hi I am 14 years old, 84kgs, 5 feet 8 inches tall. I am obese for my age and I am now trying to lose weight. Before I was 96kg and I did lose weight but I did that by just pure cardio . This time around I have a dumbbell set and a bar which goes up to 20kg(not a lot but I’ll work with it ). If I do cardio and weight training at the same time is that efficient, or to lose the weight as a teen should I not worry about weights and just do cardio.

Also is it true that if I do weights and cardio there won’t be much change on the weight scale?
I'm a pt and the best combo for weight loss is a mix of cardio and weights. Preferably doing the cardio after your weights.
In terms of numbers on the scale, weight training does make you put on muscle and muscle is denser than fat so this could make the numbers increase on the scale. However, this is not a bad thing as if you're doing all the right things such as eating in a calorie deficit and eating lots of protein you will be losing body fat which is really what you should try to decrease. The scale weight changes will follow but don't focus on the scales too much as it doesn't define your total body composition it's just a measurement of your overall body mass.
I think you are over weight as compared to your age and height you have to reduce your weight ...
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Just don't be offended. But I think that this is not the normalized weight.
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Original post by collinn
Just don't be offended. But I think that this is not the normalized weight.

Of course not I have made it clear I am obese so Why this irrelevant reply

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