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Physiotherapy VS Sport therapy/ rehab

I am currently taking applied human biology, sport and business at college because I know I want to go into physiotherapy or sport therapy/ rehab.

I love sport and I don't know which I should go into. I know that I want to open my own private clinic so don't know if it would be better to study physiotherapy and provide more services or stick to sport and be slightly limited.

I know with physio that I will enjoy it but I'm not interested in the neurological side of it. I get along with everyone so wouldn't be an issue with customers or anything.

However, if I chose to do sport, I either can't open my own clinic because it isn't as high demand as physiotherapy and then I have to get paid less than I could be. Or I go into physiotherapy and open my own clinic but I would have to offer and study the neurological side which I don't really want to.

I just don't know what to do.

Thanks for any help :smile:
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I am currently taking applied human biology, sport and business at college. This is because I want to go into physio or sport rehab and open my own private clinic as I’m aware the NHS don’t get paid that much.

I love sport as well. The thing that puts me off going into Physiotherapy is that I would have to study neurological science which I don’t like. However, I could open up my own clinic because Physiotherapy is in high demand compared to sport therapy. Whereas, sport therapy/ rehab would mean I couldn’t open my own clinic.

I just don’t know what to do.

Thanks for any help. :smile:
If your passion is to open your own physiotherapy clinic one day, physiotherapy may be a good option for you as a lot of graduates aim to pursue this route. However, some sports rehabilitation/sports therapy graduates have also started their own business in rehabilitation which may also provide you with options of your own business in the future. A lot of physiotherapy graduates do also specialise in sports physio, so I think the options are very wide once you are qualified!:smile:

Depending on where you are looking to study Physiotherapy, it is definitely worth comparing different courses from different institutions to see what their modules consist of and how they are split across the course. Remember that neurological science might only be a small part of that course, and once you have completed that module, it is a small part of the bigger picture of your future business.

I hope that's helpful! :smile:

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