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Physiotherapy or pharmacy

Please I need help..I somehow confused on which course to go for b/w Physiotherapy and pharmacy in one of the universities in the UK. I'm a Nigerian. I love pharmacy but the thing is I'm average in chemistry and I heard there's alot of chemistry stuff when studying pharmacy like example in my senior secondary school, we never did main chemistry experiments like titration and all those and now I'm just trying to get to learn those on YouTube and it's even giving me hard time. I want to apply this year but I don't know if pharmacy will be for me. I'm scared that I might be a bit behind . For physiotherapy, I love it too, I love the fact it doesn't have chemistry but the thing is I heard physiotherapist don't earn much in the UK how true is that? U know I'm considering my passion and the future pay. Please can somebody help me out in here . How hard is pharmacy for an average chemistry student or advice me if I should rather just go for physiotherapy b cos of my weakness in chemistry! Thanks.
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I think the salary for pharmacy is higher than physiotherapy but if you are more passionate about physio then definitely go for that! you don't want to do a degree/job that you find hard/not enjoyable!
Speaking to the nhs the pay is identical as pharmacists and physios are all on the agenda for change pay scale. As for whether you could succeed in either course who knows. If you work and study hard I’m sure you could do either. Have you had any work experience?

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