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Does anyone else get nervous about assessments and plagiarism?

When waiting for results, I always get nervous, in case I am accused of plagiarism.

I ensure I write in my own words, use in text citations and full referencing, etc, my scores are always very low when I use turnitin to check my draft and if anything is flagged I go back and make amendments to my work.

Then the worrying starts.

I’m awaiting my EMA score/final module grade, so that causes increased anxiety as I am waiting longer compared to 2 weeks for a TMA.

All my TMAs were fine but I still worried whilst waiting.

Results are expected on the 24th.

If someone is suspected of plagiarism would they have been informed by now or would they not tell you until the expected results day?

Any tips on stopping worrying so much about these things?
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I should clarify when I say scores I mean the similarity scores.
Student at the Open University
Open University
Milton Keynes
It certainly stresses me out, but only because a) I know everything is my own words and i’ve referenced correctly but b) that didn’t make much of a difference this year, and people still have pending results. I don’t think it’s me worrying about plagiarism so much as much as me worrying about ending up with pending results through no fault of my own

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