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Help with my issue please

What do you do when ur prior drug addict boyfriend is travelling 20+ miles to buy 14 grams of magic mushrooms because he “needs to clear his mind tonight” and he thinks drugs will help him do that

He wasn’t a proper drug addict but he used to do a lot of drugs and he told me when we got together that he wants to change that and doesn’t want to become that person again, and he has changed I’m just worried he will become that again because you don’t need drugs to help clear your mind.

I don’t wanna be a controlling gf and I don’t wanna tell him what to do because I’m a firm believer that your partner or anyone should be able to make their own decisions but please let me know what your thoughts on this are. He really is a great guy other than this and he doesn’t rlly communicate often or well.
I think that having healthy forms of communication in a relationship is one of the most important factors leading to a relationship working out long-term. Personally, I think that you should tell him that his doing drugs makes you uncomfortable and if I were you, I would break up with him. Ultimately being in a relationship is about finding a life partner that you can trust to be there and support you, and it doesn't seem like he does that or cares about the impact of his actions on you.

I dated a guy that was always taking drugs socially and because I didn't engage in that behaviour, I saw it as a huge red flag. In my eyes, there's nothing wrong with doing drugs once in a while, but he was doing them every other day. He had a lot of underlying issues and now, 2 years later I don't regret breaking up with him at all. I found out that he was a cheater and not trustworthy at all, as he would repeatedly try and get back together with me even though he had a new girlfriend. Doing drugs is a form of escapism and you don't want to be with someone that can't face reality.
I believe that good, healthy relationships are built on good communication so I would tell him how you feel. If he cares, he'll change his actions. If he doesn't he probably won't.
I disagree with the statement that you should break up with him because of it. Relationships are about supporting each other and it sounds like he needs some support right now. Just because he does magic mushrooms doesn't define who he is as a person and like you said, he has a good heart and that's the most important thing. Helping him to get to the place he wants to be and be happy without drugs will only make you two stronger, believe me.
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Possession of magic mushrooms is illegal in the UK and, whilst they can have an anti-depressant effect, the psychedelic properties certainly aren't there to 'clear your head'; just the opposite.

Do you want to be with someone who is prepared to break the law, risk his health and waste money?

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